Cheap + Cheerful: Breakfast

So, two things:

1) I’m pretty convinced breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day. The most important meal of the day is obviously the 4pm snack I have at my desk while I dream about how I’m going to strike it rich and finally go to the Maldives. That aside, I like to eat a healthy, yummy breakfast.

2) Like everyone in the world, I enjoy coffee. Exclusively iced coffee. I drank iced coffee when it was -30 degrees outside in Chicago, and felt no shame. It brings me all the joy. It’s also an expensive habit, and since I prefer to spend that money on outrageously priced lipstick, I found a cheaper option. No, I’m not going to preach to you about french press or steeping beans in water for 48 hours or whatever, I don’t have that kind of time.

But let’s talk coffee first: I make a pot of coffee, preferably with hazelnut or French Vanilla beans. I buy beans and grind them vs. already ground, because that just tastes better in any coffee instance. Then, I pour that big pot of hot coffee into a pitcher (any pitcher with a lid will work, I have this one) and put it in the fridge overnight. VOILA! Iced coffee in the AM. I actually prefer my coffee to store-bought. Not to say I don’t live a little on Saturdays and get a Starbucks from time to time, I’m not a saint, but at least then I can truly enjoy it for the glorious beverage it is.

Now for the simple math: One pot is enough for 3-4 days, at about $.25 a cup vs a $4 drink at a local coffee shop. Over the course of the work week – I save $18.75! In a month $75! In 3 months my thrifty coffee has bought me a facial. You can totally buy your coffee out, if that’s your thing, I get it too. But if want to spend .05 seconds thinking about how you’ll get your coffee fix and 1 hour enjoying your facial, try this instead.




Now for breakfast. Here’s a low-cal, almost zero sugar option that my friend Shannon got me hooked on due to how delicious, cheap and FAST it is.


1 Egg, 1-2 slices of ham (I like Canadian Bacon), 1 wheat light english muffin, 1 slice of cheddar cheese. Try adding avocado, or subbing avo for ham if you’re a vegetarian)

Step 1: Put english muffin into toaster and lay it out on foil.IMG_6569.jpg

Step 2: Crack egg into a clean mug and whisk it quickly, then microwave for 1 minute. After 1 minute it will be done and will fit perfectly on your English muffin. Don’t judge me, eggs in the microwave taste almost exactly the same as on the stove.




Step 3: Put egg on one side of the muffin, put the cheese on top of that egg.



Step 4: Put ham into microwave in that egg mug for 20 seconds.


Step 5: Put ham on top of that cheese on the muffin so it gets all melty… yum.


Step 6: Add salt and pepper, or avocado, hot sauce etc. My husband likes to add spinach which is pretty good too. Wrap it up in foil or pop it in a tupperware and off you go! This whole process takes about 4 minutes so you’ll probably have extra time to eat at home if you want.



All these ingredients are around $13 for 6 sandwiches. So, around $2.30 a sandwich. Not too shabby for a meal on the run. Now excuse me, I need to go eat this.



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