A Go-To Lipstick In Any Color

I love hair and makeup, but from time to time, I want to look great with zero effort. It seems unreasonable, but darn it, I WANT IT NOW. For those days, I like a low messy bun, mascara, and a bright lip to distract people into thinking I spent some time on myself. The lip pencil I ALWAYS use on these days is from NARS. Why? Because with one solid swipe, I’m off for the day, the coverage and saturation is that good.The texture is smooth, creamy, but doesn’t “bleed” onto my skin, so I don’t need to use a lipliner (one more step out of the routine). It also stays put for quite a while, which means I don’t have to constantly reapply!

It’s a great option when you want a new lipstick but don’t know what kind/brand to choose – infallible for even an amateur. NARS has over 25 colors in this pencil, so there’s one you are bound to love. Half the colors are matte, and half are satin finish. Bop over to Sephora and pick out a few. Their awesome return policy lets you return used products, so buy one or two, and if one doesn’t work out, return it.

Note: For those of you who do like to use a lipliner (and I often do), it looks even more pristine and stays on longer if you use it.

Here are three of my personal favorites.


This color is Cruella, it’s THE BEST. I own two pencils and keep one in my desk drawer and one in my bag. It’s saved me on many a long flight and exhausting day of work.


Want a more vibrant color? Try Famous Red, which on me looks a bit like a pinky red. This one has a satin finish, and is less matte than the scarlet red. Although still not too creamy that it bleeds off the lip line.


Finally, if you’re still not brave enough to try a bright color (and I wish you would!), here’s a great nude. I’ve put this color on a lot of my friends, and it’s a winner on all skin tones. It’s a great complement to a smoky eye. NARS doesn’t make this exact color anymore, but Walkyrie is VERY close.

Have fun finding the right one for you!


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