Easy “50’s Glam” Hair

It’s wedding season! That means having great hair to go with your great cocktail dress. One of my favorite looks is 50’s style waves. You see this a lot on celebrities and it looks gorgeous, but you might think: “That’s impossible to do at home”.  WRONG! I can show you show to do this IRL but in about 30-45 minutes (20-30 minutes prep, 15 minutes styling). We have two approaches: dry hair and wet hair. Both work, but I prefer wet hair since it’s a “set it and forget it”. Like a crockpot for your hair. I did this tutorial with dry hair, achieved a Grace Kelly style, then I walked my dog in sweatpants. Just a regular Sunday.


IF YOUR HAIR IS WET: Take a blowdryer to your head, girl. Use a primer to help set the style first, Living Proof Prime Style Extender. You want your hair to be about 70% dry. Now go to Step 1.

IF YOUR HAIR IS DRY: Use a primer to help set the style, like Living Proof Prime Style Extender. On dry hair, less is more with a primer, so start with a small amount to avoid it looking wet or sticky. Now go to Step 1.

Step 1:

Part your hair in a deep side part.


Step 2:

Separate out a three large sections at the front of your head. It should be about a 2″ section on 1) top of your head, 2) right side and 3) left side. Twist the sides and pin back. We’re going to start in the top. Pull the rest back into a ponytail for now so it’s out of the way.


Step 3:

Separate the top of your hair into two sections down the middle horizontally to your forehead.


If you are doing the wet-styling, take a 1″ square section of hair from the front of your head by your face, curl it around two fingers all the way to the top and pin it. All the same pictures below except the first one – you’re not using a curling iron, you are just taking a strand of wet hair and wrapping it around your finger. It’s important that you twist the hair around your finger away from your face to get the best wave. Work your way across the top of your head, doing the same thing, from left to right.

If you are doing the dry-styling, take a 1″ square section of hair from the front of your head by your face, spray it with hairspray and THEN curl hair with a curling iron. A 1″curling iron is best.

IMG_7657Take the hair while it’s still hot, curl it around two fingers and pin at the top. It’s important that you curl the hair away from your face to get the best wave. Work your way across the top of your head from left to right.IMG_7658IMG_7660IMG_7661

It’s okay if it’s a little messy and a few hairs escape, when you comb it out, all the wispys will fall into place.IMG_7654

Step 4:

Repeat Step 3 with the sides, doing the same thing depending on if your hair is wet or dry. Remember to curl the hair away from your face! It’s best if you use smaller sections of hair, on the sides as well, around 1″ square.


Step 5 (Optional depending on the amount of waves you want):

Comb another 2″ wide section around your entire head, right behind the first 2″ section you just did. Repeat Step 3. Leave the back of your hair as is, ain’t nobody got time to do their entire head of hair (although I have once, it took about an hour), so I prefer to skip the back because it saves me a ton of time and I think a small curl in the back looks just a polished (plus nobody is looking at the back of your head).

Step 6:

Spray your entire head with hairspray. My favorite: (Big Sexy Hair Spray). Let hair set as long as possible. This is the critical step, so make sure you have AT LEAST 2 hours for it to set. If I have a 2pm wedding, I try to set my hair by 10am. Four hours is minimum for my fine hair if I want it to stay put all night, but if you have thick hair that tends to fall when curled, the longer it can set, the better. (Although no amount of set time will save your curls from humid beach wedding or a sweaty dance floors – you’ve been warned.)

If I have a pre-wedding brunch or am running errands, I like to tie a cute scarf around my head so I’m not just rocking pins.


Step 7:

Remove all the pins.


Step 8:

Comb out the curls either with your fingers or a small round brush. DO NOT use a comb. I’ve found that causes the curls to fall in the styling phase.


Step 9: Fluff the curls and then style then to your liking using your fingers.



Step 10: Curl the back under at the very bottom only.


Step 11: Spray hair one last time. Voila! You are done! Get out there and party.



OPTIONAL: Pin back one side with a pin if you want to show off your earrings!


You are officially the guest with the best hair. Have fun!




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