Makeup Must: Gold Eyeliner

Nothing says glamour like metallic gold. Lucky for us, it also says “summer!” and “beach!” and “where’s the rosé?”. The latter of which, I am always asking. And the easiest way to bring your metallic game face (literally) to the party is with gold eyeliner. Sound like a lot of work? It’s not. You just swap gold for the brown or black you’d normally use. And even a thin line (if you want to play it safe) at the base of your lashes goes a long way. (I like a thicker line, so you can see it better!) No additional skill, time or effort required, but more compliments. YAS PLEASE! Here’s how to get the look :



Step 1:

Apply a primer to your lid. I prefer an actual eye makeup primer, but a light swipe of foundation or concealer will work here too. Just something to smooth the appearance of the lid and give the eyeliner something to stick to.


Step 2:

Apply gold eyeliner (here’s what I used) in short lines, working your way across the lid until you have a full line of gold liner from inner to outer corner. Because it’s a metallic, you may have to dip the brush back into the pot again to keep the color on the tip.


Step 3:

Let it dry. Apply a second coat. This ensures the color is bright and also has no gaps in coverage. At this step you might also want to “blot” or “tap” the liner on. It will ensure you get better coverage of the color. You’re done!


If you want the liner to be the hero of your look, apply a light pink blush and nude lip and off you go.

If you want to pump up the glam, try a bright pink cheek (Echo Park Pink) and lipstick, (Nars Yu). I love this look, especially for a daytime event like brunch or a shower or a summer wedding.


Get out there and shine!



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