Pretty July 4th Makeup

If you’re like me, you love a “theme” for your makeup when it’s the holiday. You know, a green eye on St. Patty’s or a glitter lip for Christmas. The fourth of July is no exception to this bad habit of mine. BBQs, beers, and blue eyeliner! That’s America! (Or Britain even!) But, when using red, white, and blue: tread lightly, lest others think a box of Crayola exploded in the vicinity of your face. Here’s some July 4th makeup that’s pretty, not cheesy.


And the best part, you’re done in three steps, each more American than the last. So you can ramp up or down your red, white and blue vibes as you please. Isn’t that what freedom is all about?img_7907-1-e1498870488738.jpg

The goods: Sephora 12-hr Eyeliner in Fancy BlueMAC Pure White Pencil, Lancome Red (no longer available)

Step 1:

Apply blue eyeliner across your lid. Add a wing on each side that follows the line of your eye out. You’ll notice in some photos the blue is darker, in some it’s a brighter blue, really just depends on the lighting you have!IMG_7930



Step 2 (More patriotic):

Add a line of white eyeliner under the blue, from the outside corner of your eye to the end of the blue. If you want to be wild, use it on your lower lash line.



You need the RED, duh. And it’s going on your lips. I like a brighter red to avoid it looking dated or costume-y.


Don’t forget to remember and HONOR and THANK those who fought for our freedom!

Happy 4th Everyone!


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