My Travel “Go Bag”

I used to travel all the time for my job. Like, every. single. week. That’s enough to make you crazy. When you travel that much, you start to streamline to only the items you actually need to you know, TRAVEL. Now the #1 thing I pack every time I get on a plane is what I fondly refer to as my “Go Bag”. If someone were to call me right now, and say, “Get on a plane in 3 hours”, I would grab this bag, my phone, some Ruffles and hit the road. It’s never failed me. Check out my list below and let me know if you have any other good ideas I’m missing!


An actual bag: Because you need a bag in order for it to be a “go bag”. That’s just science.

Face Wipes: If on an overnight flight, right before landing, wipe your face with these: Burt’s Bees White Tea Extract Towelettes, they are a non-greasy, natural option that removes recycled air from your pores and gives you a fresh sheen.  Then apply a little powder, lipstick and voila! Instant babe.

Hand Wipes: The last time I used mine, a bottle of Essie Lollipop Nail Polish exploded in my lap (it looked like blood). While the wipes didn’t get nail polish off my pants, they did a decent job of removing it from my hands and seat while I waited for the bathroom to vacate. Also good for drink spills and wiping down armrests. Pacifica Travel Wipes

Shout Wipes: Seeing the trend here? I am a huge klutz. I spill everything. Wipes for all!

Hair tie/bobby pins: Because, duh. You guys, flying does nothing for hair. I start with the best flirty waves and end up in a ponytail. You get me every time, Delta.

Lipstick: Don’t let me down. If I’ve taught you anything, pack a great lipstick everywhere you go. Get that “I’ve just been effortlessly traveling on the redeye to London” vibe all day long. Need a new color to inspire you? No prob. Check out my faves here: A Go-To Lipstick In Any Color

Face Powder: Every gal should have a pressed powder compact. I can get very hot and “glisten-y” when I travel, soo… need to fix that. As I mentioned, use right before deplaning for fresh, oil-free skin. Use dry for light coverage, wet for heavier coverage. Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation

Moisturizer: If you’re like me, you have a million samples of face moisturizer from who-knows-where. Little packets and samples you throw in a box in your bathroom and never see again. This is the PERFECT TIME for them. I throw a few in my bag and as I use them, I replace. Miraculously, I’ve never run out of moisturizing samples. How can anyone have so many samples!? Don’t have any? Text me, I’ll send you some.

Hand Lotion: You might be seeing a trend with samples. I nab them from the next hotel when I run out. Will travel for free hand lotion.

Perfume: Again a great place to use those endless perfume samples. I also have a mini-bottle of one of the perfumes I usually wear, so it’s in the bag (see what I did there? See? Okay, fine.): Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede

Visine: No one wants red eyes after the redeye.

Compression Socks: I used to think compression socks looked silly. Then I realized: literally no one is looking at my feet on airplanes. The second I sit down I put these babies on. When we land I peel them off. My feet don’t swell and my legs feel less cramped than when I don’t wear them. Win, win.

Headphones: Overhyped, maybe. But potentially one of the best presents I ever received. Beats by Dre Wireless Solo Headphones. They are just heaven. I never have to listen to the crying baby or the loud cougher. Sometimes, I just put them on without any music because they block out so much noise on their own. A bonus: they come with a cord so you can plug in and watch in-flight movies on your laptop or on the back of the seat, no problem.

Eye Mask: A must have for overnight flights. Mine is a bit older than this one, but similar.

Sleeping Pills: Another must for overnight flights when you’re trying to catch that REM but it’s only 6pm in your timezone.

Bonuses: Hand Sanitizer, Comb

Travel safe and lovely out there.


One thought on “My Travel “Go Bag”

  1. You are so, so wise! If only I had seen this before I packed my bag to see YOU. Alas, let’s assemble one of these puppies for moi when we are together mmmkay?! Great post!!!!


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