Quick and Lovely Hair

Need to get from bedroom to boardroom (or, let’s be honest: the bar) in 20 minutes? (Maybe because you got wrapped up in a rerun of How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days and lost track of time? Been there.) Anyway, no need to look like you rushed out the door. Get your hair right, with a side twist finished with a chic ribbon.

Do a tighter twist for a more polished look. For a more casual weekend look, I like to style this with wavy hair, and pull out some pieces in the front and loosen the twist. Once you get good it takes about 2 minutes to do!


Part your hair on the side. Start at the front with a small piece pulled from the top, start twisting it towards your head. As you work your way back grab more hair from beneath the twist and twist it in with what’s already in your hand. Continue towards the back of your head.



When you get to the back of your head, just twist the hair around itself for about an inch until you get to the middle of the back of your head. Then secure with a hair tie in the back.


Here’s the look from the side! For a little jazz, wrap a black ribbon around the rubber band 2-3 times and then tie a bow UNDER the ponytail.



This is the finished look from the back. I have done this with curly hair before and it’s so cute, a little messy in the best way.



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