Best Face Masks For Any Skin Type

My favorite Sunday ritual! FACE MASKS. I try to also do one on Wednesday but for some reason it’s more fun on Sundays, when I’m drinking and watching Jon Snow. I’ve rounded up four that get results, no matter what your skin needs. (Half my skin is oily half is dry, so I need it all.) I don’t stick to one but instead, like to rotate a couple, so I check all the boxes over time. If you use the Boscia mask, you peel it off like a creepy villain. The other masks you wash off with water.

Then I settle in for 20-30 minutes on the couch.  The peel off mask has to be completely dry before you can take it off, no cheating the time. (Look at Roxie judging me in the background.) Since you can’t really move your face as it dries, I like to sip wine through a straw. Like a lady.IMG_6897IMG_8089

I swear you will notice a different after the first use! If not, call me, we’ll find another one for you.


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