Sunday Brunch in San Francisco

What to do when you have no plans and a small pomeranian on a Sunday? Duh, patio brunch! We’ve been dying to try Zazie, a quaint French restaurant that’s a Cole Valley staple. There is always a wait and every time we go, we give up immediately when we see the line, because obviously we are already hangry and need food to stay married. This time we went right when they opened and only had to wait about 45 minutes, during which time I fantasized about snatching food from people’s greedy little fingers and running away into the sunrise with Roxie. BUT, I didn’t and you GUYS! it was totally worth acting like an adult. Check out that Pain de Mie French Toast and that Eggs Vincent. It tasted even better than it looked.

What’s great about this place is how they treat their employees. It’s not a tip-based serving job. All of the menu prices include a living wage, revenue share, paid family leave, fully funded health & dental insurance, paid time off, and a 401(k) with employer match for all employees. All those things!! Having been a long-time server, I LOVE knowing that waitstaff is taken care of. It makes a giant cafe latte even more enjoyable (no handle! you sip it from a soup bowl). Now, on to the food.

IMG_8196IMG_8215Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Shirt: Madewell; Scarf: VintageIMG_8199Pain de Mie French Toast with fresh fruit… ps you can order 1,2 or 3 pieces of toast or pancakes in your order so you can get single serving and try more things… my food dream.IMG_8200Gingerbread Pancakes with meyer lemon curd and bosc pears. I am convinced they put crack in that lemon curd I was literally scraping the plate for more.IMG_8201Eggs Vincent: Grilled fresh corn cake w/ spinach, avocados, spicy tomato-goat cheese sauce, and two over easy eggs… OH MY GOD THIS PLACE IS HEAVEN. I LIVE HERE NOW.

And since we were so close to the Haight, we bopped over to Relic Vintage and Held Over Vintage after for some vintage shopping, I’ll post about those vintage finds later in the week!

A solid Sunday! Happy brunching.


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