Quick and Easy Smoky (Metallic) Eyes

Gorgeous smoky eyes… We love the look, hate the time and skill it takes to actually put the makeup on, am I right? Lucky for us all, I’ve discovered a smoky eye that takes only 5 minutes and 4 products to complete – and the steps are so simple, your makeup experience level can be zero.

It’s the the perfect solution when you have approximately 15 minutes to go from eating ice cream in sweatpants to your best friends’ birthday party. That’s hypothetical, of course. Check out my tutorial below, and be that girl at the party with the eye makeup everyone wants.

IMG_9216As I said, for this smoky eye you only need 4 products:

  1. Eyeshadow Primer
  2. Eyeshadow Stick
  3. Smudge/Blending Brush
  4. Mascara

Step 1: With your finger, apply a eye primer to the whole eyelid, extending almost to the eyebrow. I like Mac Prep + Prime or this all over Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Let it set for about a minute.IMG_9222

Step 2: Fill in your entire lid with the eyeshadow pencil, covering the lid until just past the crease. Make sure it is a creamy texture, so it covers quickly and well. You don’t have to have a perfect edge, just apply full coverage to the lid into the crease.

For this tutorial, I used a Metallic Gray from Love of Color, but you can use any thick eye pencil you have around (a thin pencil will take forever to cover your lid), I prefer colors with a little metallic to give it punch, but a solid color looks good too. If silver is not for you, I’ve found some options in navy, bronze and purple.IMG_9089IMG_9221IMG_9220

Step 3: Grab a small blending eyeshadow brush. What works best is one made for blending/smudging like this one or the one I used (only 99 cents!) Take the brush and move it back and forth along the crease/line of the eyeshadow, working the crease to soften the color edge and blending the color out. Blending should take about 30 seconds, tops. This video will show you what that step looks like. (Ps this is the worst lighting of my whole life, but I love you guys so much I’m posting this anyway).



Step 4: Apply a black mascara. My ride or die is by Maybelline in Glam Black Waterproof. YOU ARE DONE!!IMG_9216IMG_9217IMG_9228.JPG

Now get out there confuse them all with your sense of humor and intellect. (Girls can wear makeup AND be smart?! Stop right now.)


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