72 Hours In Telluride, Colorado (Part I)

Friends! I did not know this before, but Telluride is where it’s AT. Did you know? Last weekend, our lovely friends got married at a ranch in the mountains, so all the guests stayed in Telluride. Even though it’s a tiny town (like, one street), there’s something in Telluride for everyone: great food, lively bars, boutique shopping, hikes, (so many hikes…), spas, and of course, skiing in winter (it was not winter in September, thank goodness). It’s one of the best weekend getaways I’ve been on with my husband (and of course, the 150 other guests, ha). I’m IN LOVE. Let’s talk about it.

First off. The place looks like THIS. Barely looks real.IMG_7593IMG_7598

The first night, the welcome party was at the historic bar, The New Sheridon. Most of it is the same as it was in 1800’s, including the tin ceilings. They serve food, but let’s be honest, tonight I’m here for the bar. More on the food tomorrow.


IMG_9847IMG_9376IMG_9846IMG_9336IMG_9372Outfit details: Skirt: J. Crew (size 6, runs small), Tank: Chelsea28 (similar, size 6), Shoes: Louboutin (run TTS), Bracelet: Vintage

We drank too much (it was an open bar, blame the bartender! ps. thanks Matt + Anna for two nights of open bar) and ended up at Brown Dog Pizza for dinner. This place gets five shiny gold stars for it’s gourmet selection, including: buffalo chicken wraps, deep dish pizza and garlic knots. And I’m not just saying that because I had 6 glasses of prosecco before dinner. I know it’s good, because every time we walked past this place it was PACKED. I was not able to capture any food pictures because it was devoured upon delivery. Here’s a pictures of the sign to help you find it! Ha.


As if it couldn’t get any more picturesque, there’s a free gondola, which goes up over the city into the mountain village on the other side. You can get off at the top of the mountain and take pictures/there’s a restaurant there. The views from said gondola are CRAZY grammable. Seriously, LOOK AT THIS PLACE, it doesn’t even look real. It looks like I painted this picture and put it on a blog.IMG_7606IMG_7640IMG_7630IMG_7632Outfit details: T-shirt: Brandy Melville (one size) Jeans: Madewell (size 28), Glasses: Westward Leaning, Shoes: Alexander Wang (run TTS)

The ride down the gondola is trippy because you feel like you are careening down a hill and can’t stop. I recommend it. But also the taco place, Tacos Del Gnar, at the bottom of the gondola. You deserve a snack after looking at all the scenery.  I’ll share the rest of my adventures tomorrow, friends!


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