3 Ways To Style A White Button-Up Shirt

I am really obsessing over my most recent purchase, the most basic and versatile of all wardrobe staples: a white button-up shirt. Mine is from Topshop and also comes in blue and light pink, plus it’s only $35!! Because I was wearing it all the time, and discovered it to be a great fall transition piece, I bought it in blue too. I wear them at least twice a week now. Spreading the love, I’m sharing three ways to style this fashion must with you!

Over a Work Dress (Tied at the Waist, Not Buttoned): A perfect solution when you want to forgo the office blazer, but can’t wear sleeveless. Try it tied at the waist with the top buttons undone. This is also a super easy way to transition a sleeveless dress into fall.  Flattering, comfortable, and professional.  What’s not to love?IMG_7484IMG_7486IMG_7519img_7535.jpgOutfit Details: Shirt: Topshop (size 2-4); Dress: J. Crew, Earrings: Lana (in gold), Shoes: Ann Taylor (only $24!!, runs TTS)

Under A Crop Top (Buttoned Up): Extend the life of those summer crop tops by layering your white shirt under it. Button it all the way to the top, and roll up the sleeves. It’s the perfect substitute for when you’d wear a long sleeve t-shirt. Casual AND trendy. (ps why are my converse so dirty? haha).



Outfit Details: Shirt: Topshop (size 2-4), Crop Top: Banana Republic, Jeans: Frame Denim (size 28), Shoes: Converse (run TTS)

Over a Casual Dress (Half Buttoned-Up):  I needed something to wear over this casual cotton dress since the beach was so cold, but didn’t want to go the boring sweatshirt route. Then I found this shirt in my luggage (packed for a night out, not the beach) and voila! Consider substituting a button up next time you want to grab your bomber or sweatshirt. Traveling? Swap the dress for a bralette and yoga pants. You are instantly road-trip-chic.




IMG_8651Outfit Details – Dress: T. By Alexander Wang, Top: Topshop, Sunglasses: Westward Leaning, Necklace: E&E Project, Hat: From The Streets of Tulum,  Shoes: From The Streets of Bali

With Jeans (Half Tucked In): Bonus look, try it with distressed jeans and heels, but only tucking in the front. I tried this other day, and even though I didn’t take pics, it was a winner.

Other ideas? Show me how you style it!



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