The Best Beauty Gadgets You Need Now (That Actually Work!)

Ladies – there’s a lot of beauty gadget nonsense and hype out there. With all the new products coming out all the time, how do you know what’s worth the $$ and what’s not? Behold, my favorite tried and true gadgets you won’t regret (at all price points!)
Eyelash Curler
If I could have only ONE beauty product for the rest of my life, an eyelash curler would be it. It is literally the best invention of all time (better than electricity and indoor plumbing? Maybe.). Using an eyelash curler takes 10 seconds and makes your eyes look bigger, brighter, more lovely, more awake. And don’t cheap out on a $5 drugstore version, invest the $20 in one that works better and will last for years: Shu Uemera or Kevyn Aucon. Just buy one. Don’t break my heart.



Facial Hair Removal
This tool looks crazytown, but it works. For $20, you run the Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover, over your face while twisting the handles in the same direction. It removes all the short, little transparent hairs on your face – making your skin looking younger and smoother. Note that you will feel little “pulls” when you use it. It doesn’t hurt at all, but you know it’s working. I recommend you try a small portion of your face first, and then wait a day to make sure there’s no irritation. I didn’t have any, and neither have any of my friends who used this, but if you have sensitive skin, you might get red, so give it a test run first. And if you get it from Sephora and it doesn’t work for you, return it no problem!
Tweezer Man Removal
These have been around for while, but I’m still surprised how many people haven’t tried one. A Clarisonic exfoliates, removes dirt, smooths skin. Plus you can swap out the brushes for sensitive skin, acne, etc., so there’s a brush head for any skin need. I use mine about 3 times a week to avoid drying out my skin, or irritating acne, but my husband uses his every day since he has oily skin, and his skin doesn’t dry out. So – listen to your skin. (Note: want a smaller travel version? Try the Mia Fit.)



After researching for a long time (with a price point of $349, research is critical) I bought the Nuface Trinity Facial Toner six months before my wedding. It uses a micro currents to stimulate your facial muscles in order to contour, smooth skin, and minimize wrinkles. (My three favorite things, ha). You apply the gel primer and run the NuFace around your face in a series of specific movements. It comes with an instructional booklet and the website has tutorials (plus advanced toning options) as well. It takes 5 minutes a day, 5 times a week, for the first 60 days and then 3 times a week after that for maintenance. My review: 5 stars. I saw results in about 1-2 weeks, and my skin/cheekbones had never looked better after 2 months. I know it’s an investment, but for me, the results were worth it. If you want a smaller, cheaper version for the same results, try the Mini Toner. Because I love it so much, I bough the little attachment that works on fine wrinkles around lips and eyes too (the two pronged thing on the right).
Lash Boost
I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the myriad of products that promise to make your eyelashes longer, darker and stronger. With the expiration of the Latisse patent, it’s less expensive and more available than ever. My favorite new option is Lash Boost by Rodan+Fields. I’ve been using it for three months now and my lashes are way longer and thicker.
lash boost.jpg
Water is the ultimate beauty trick. For your skin, more = better. I try to drink a glass a water with lemon first thing when I wake up every morning. I started doing this once I read it about it for the 10th time in a celebrity interview. I feel better starting the day with water, not coffee. Don’t get me wrong, coffee is my second beverage, but at least I’ve got my metabolism going alreday. And no matter where you live, your tap water can always be better. Make sure you are drinking safe water by using a filter like Brita.
Let me know if you try any of these gadgets and what you think.

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