I Tried Glossier: Here’s What I Think

With tons of new beauty lines launching every week, I’m skeptical to try a new brand comes out. After all, can it really be better than my go-tos like Nars? So when I heard about Glossier, I didn’t think much about it. Flash forward a few years later and Glossier popped up in Vogue, and I thought – THIS IS LEGIT NOW. I must try it. For a bit of background, Glossier was started in 2014 by Emily Weiss, the blogger behind Into The Gloss and former Vogue staffer. In just a few years, Glossier has amassed a huge cult following, with up to 10k waitlists for new lipsticks.

Scroll down for my first experience ordering Glossier, the final look and “would-I-buy-again?” decision.  This is very serious makeup business.

Here are the three products I ordered.

First impressions: It arrived in 3 days, even though the site said 5-8 days. I also had forgotten I ordered it, so it was like surprise makeup. Opened to find free samples and a sheet of stickers – a fun touch. The products I ordered came in a pink zippered pouch made of bubble wrap, loving that idea. No plastic waste and I have already repurposed that bubble bag. The Boy Brow and the Generation Lipstick are smaller in size than I anticipated for $18 but it’s not a deal-breaker. (p.s. The website is super easy to navigate and checkout was quick).

IMG_8582.jpgIMG_8586These three products together lent themselves well to a berry-colored palette. I loved this look for daytime! It felt light and pretty, but I still got some full brow coverage. The only other products I’m wearing are:





Now the bottom line – would I buy it again?

Lipstick: YES! A lovely sheer, matte color. This is the perfect lipstick for my friends who want a pretty lip color but hate super bright pigments or needed the “perfect lip line”. I went on a hike with my husband after I applied this, and 3 hours in, still had color on! It has qualities of a stain with the perks of a sheer, light formula.

Brow Gel: YES! Because it’s a gel applied with a wand, it stayed on all day, made my brows look full and dark as promised. I see what the fuss is about.

Cheek Color: MAYBE. Easy to apply, not too thick. It’s a liquid so you apply by patting it into your skin with your fingers. Loved the rich pink color, but it only lasted 4 hours at the same intensity as when I first put it on, as I saw it fade throughout the day. Would buy again but use with a setting spray AND primer, or maybe just a night out instead of a full day outside. But if you prefer a light sweep of blush that takes seconds to apply, this will work for you.

FINAL DECISION: Give Glossier a try if you want lighter, natural-looking makeup. Or if you like color but not bright, thick, pigmented options. And ps, this is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to try this line and report back to you!


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