Fall Makeup Must: Copper Eyes

I’m super obsessed with metallics for fall. Accessories, clothes, shoes, makeup, you name it, and I want it to be metallic. (I actually just tried to buy a entirely sequined metallic jumpsuit but it was veto’ed by my more rational friend. Like, where would I wear that? But it was so pretty… sigh.) Anyway back to my one true love: Copper. Not just for pennies anymore. For your FACE! I stumbled upon this amazing eyeshadow from MAC and it’s been the answer to my copper pleas. This specific hue is guaranteed to pop your eye color brilliantly (especially you blue and green eyed babes). Try these four steps to swoon-worthy beauty. (Took me 3 minutes, I swear!)

IMG_1205 copy

Products I used to create this look:

Other makeup products:


Step 1: Lightly wet the brush. Dip in the shadow and brush it over your lid like you normally would from lash line to crease.

Step 2: Blend into the crease with the same brush.img_1217

Step 3 (Optional): Grab a flat brush, wet it slightly as before, line the under eye lash line about halfway (mid-pupil).

Step 4: Apply mascara. Bask in your metallic glow. Here’s the full look!


Show me your copper ladies!


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