The Museum of Ice Cream

We spent our Sunday afternoon at the Museum of Ice Cream! Yes, that’s a thing and it was as delicious as it sounds. I can’t believe someone dreamed this sweet, sweet heaven up. The Museum of Ice Cream, #MOIC, is currently open in LA, Miami and San Francisco.  If you live in SF, you can get tickets here. They sell out months in advance but you can sign up for a notification when they release more, so you’ll know first. Want a sneak peek? Follow me…
IMG_2059.JPGOutfit Details: Jeans: Frame // Shirt: Topshop, similar here // Earrings: Vanessa Mooney, ON SALE // Bag: Old // Shoes: Ann Taylor // Lipstick: NarsIMG_2093IMG_2104




The entire place is bright pink and ice cream themed. As you wind your way up through the rooms and up staircases, adventures and snacks await you around every corner. There are giant gummy bear and huge cherries hanging with the clouds. For the adventurous, you can splash around in a giant POOL OF SPRINKLES. Really, real sprinkles. It’s every childhood dream come alive. Just don’t eat them.

There is a room filled with thousands of tiny mirrors, a rainbow unicorn, the history of ice cream, and swings surrounded by hundreds of cans of whip cream! Dreams do come true. If you have the chance, be sure to visit for not just the free ice cream but unlimited act-like-a-kid-again opportunities. The yummiest museum I’ve ever seen. Plus old school diner where they served us the flavor of the month, bubble gum and cherry tart ice cream (yum!). How do I get people to call me so I can get one of these phones in my house?




What’s not to love about an ice cream palace?

xo Alaina

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