Our Destination Wedding in Puerto Rico

AlainaTimothyWedding_0278copy.jpgI can hardly believe that we got married two years ago! Time has gone by so fast. As we celebrated our anniversary yesterday, I was feeling wistful for our wedding weekend and in an effort to relive that glorious time, I wanted to share moments from our special day with all of you! Warning: rainforests, champagne and dancing ahead… AlainaTimothyWedding_0065AlainaTimothyWedding_0066AlainaTimothyWedding_0074We decided on a destination wedding because we wanted our closest friends and family to spend an entire weekend together drinking margaritas and hanging out by the pool (or beach, if you prefer).  Puerto Rico was the obvious choice for us, because we’d been there a few times as a couple and just LOVED everything about it – nice people, delicious Puerto Rican food, relaxing resorts/spas (for me) and adventurous sightseeing (for him). On our must list was to get married outdoors, and Puerto Rico had so many gorgeous haciendas to choose from. As a bonus, the weather is more predictable (read: warmer) than most of the states in April.





AlainaTimothyWedding_0325.jpgIt rained all day up until the second we arrived at the venue with the bridal party. As we stepped out of the limo, the clouds cleared like a wedding miracle. Except for a little mud, it was perfect weather. (My hair started to wilt because it was a so humid, but luckily I had my glad squad follow me to the venue to they were able to touch everything up before the ceremony!) AlainaTimothyWedding_0448.jpg


AlainaTimothyWedding_0479.jpgThis picture hilariously captures the fact that I COULD NOT get his ring on his finger after our vows. It took about about a minute but it felt like forever.AlainaTimothyWedding_0483.jpg


AlainaTimothyWedding_0240.jpgAlainaTimothyWedding_0254.jpgHacienda Siesta Alegre is set in a rainforest, so it’s already so colorful and bright. We decided to keep our color palette very simple – gold and white – so it wouldn’t compete with the natural beauty of the location. Our ceremony was late in the day, and by the time the ceremony was over, the sun had started to set. Afterwards, our guests walked across the lawn to the reception, and the space had been turned into the most romantic, dreamy setting I had ever seen. Then we danced the night away, champagne in hand!AlainaTimothyWedding_0389.jpg






Photographer: Maloman Studios // Planner: Ruthie Fonseca, Bodas del Encanto // Dress: Lela Rose // Shoes: Miu Miu // Hair and Makeup:Caridad Vidro // Venue: Hacienda Siesta Alegre // Music: DJ Big Joel // Decor: DOBA // Catering: Chef Marisoll //  Invitations: Shine Invitations // Transportation: Bespoke Lifestyle Management

Questions about how to plan a destination wedding? Let me know!

xo Alaina

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