My Go To Outfit When I Hate All My Clothes

cambridge satchel scallop.jpgimg_34732.jpgHappy Monday gals. Soooo… you ever wake up one morning and realize you hate all your clothes and nothing fits and you can’t find your favorite dress and OMG WHY IS EVERY SHIRT I OWN BLUE I DON’T EVEN LIKE BLUE! That’s basically every Monday in my life. I used to double down on this nightmare and spend 30 minutes desperately trying to put something cute together, getting more and more frustrated as each new outfit proved a fail. But those days are long gone. I have a formula now, and because I love you so much, I’m sharing that fool-proof formula with you:

  1. Start with all black. I usually go black jeans and black tank, or a simple black sheath dress. All black is perfect because it’s a no brainer, it hides stains (you know when you get dressed and find a hidden stain? THE WORST. If this has never happened to you, please call me immediately and tell me your secret), and it’s slimming.
  2. Add a blazer. If you don’t already know about my blazer obsession see reference examples here and here. I like a long-line blazer with a little structure, because again, they are slimming, and remember I’m having the worst wardrobe/body-day ever. Preferably not also a black blazer – that’s like, a real bad day.
  3. Finish with fun shoes.  Try a red sandal or color-blocking for some punch. Don’t have any colorful sandals? Find options here you’re sure to love.

I highly recommend this outfit for work in the summer when it’s 90 degrees outside but 40 degrees inside your office, because you can carry the jacket on your way in, and pop it on when you walk into the building. Voila! You’re a put-together professional that definitely didn’t spend an hour trying on clothes this morning. You have better things to do.IMG_3552.JPGBlazer: H&M // Jeans: A Golde // Tank: J.Crew // Bag: Cambridge Satchel // Earrings: Lana // Watch: Nixon // Shoes: OldIMG_3551.JPG

plaid blazer.jpg


plaid blazer and watch


xo Alaina


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