Build Your Perfect Travel Makeup Bag

travel makeup bag.jpgI just got back from some whirlwind travel cross-country travel. Five days in Chicago, flying back to San Francisco on Saturday AM, leaving Sunday AM for New York City for 5 days, then flying directly to Michigan for a wedding Friday, before going BACK to San Francisco on Sunday. Ugh, I’m exhausted just talking about it, and honestly that part of the story is boring. The interesting part, which inspired this post, and the question you’re probably already asking, is: BUT WHAT MAKEUP DID YOU BRING? It’s the important question, after all. When you are packing for long trips, you become very aware of every single item that you pack, including your makeup bag. Makeup not only takes up a lot of space, but it can get heavy – and both those things are annoying when you’re traveling. To avoid it, take a peek inside my finely tuned makeup bag, crafted over years and years of time on the road…

  1. Eyelash curler and mascara
    • The bare minimum. If you pack nothing else, bring these BFFs.
  2. Foundation + foundation brush/beauty blender
    • I realize not everyone needs foundation, but it’s in my top three must have items. (Sorry, I am not blessed with perfect skin!) I usually pack Make Up Forever since it’s long-wear, unless it’s a beach trip, then I go with a lighter-coverage option by Chanel.
  3. Concealer + concealer brush
    • WHO IS GOING ANYWHERE WITHOUT CONCEALER? Call me ASAP, you are a unicorn.
  4. Eyeshadow palette + eyeshadow brushes
    • Depending on where I’m going I pack one of two palettes: If I’m traveling for work, I bring my L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche La Palette. The warm neutrals, purples and rich browns give me plenty of variety for a week of work travel, still profesh. If I’m going on a bachelorette party, or a weekend with the husband, I need sparkle, so bring Urban Decay Naked2 Palette. This palette can rev from plain neutral lid to full smoky eye. I bring minimum of 2-3 brushes, for the lid (lighter color) and for the crease (darker colors).
  5. Black eyeliner
    • I like to play that cat-eye game, but purely optional. I use a black liquid waterproof option, because of it’s versatility and staying power.
  6. Blush palette + blush brush
    • Why bring one blush color when you can bring six! My feelings exactly, get a blush palette so you never have to deal with commitment again.
  7. Highlighter stick
    • Optional, but it’s so small, why not! Totally worth it when you want to look extra polished.
  8. Lipsticks (1 red, 1 neutral)
    • We all know I’d bring 43 slightly different red lipsticks on every trip, but I just physically run out of space. When pressed to decide, I bring one light pink and one bright red color, plus a lip liner for the red to make sure it lasts. And don’t forget to be seasonally red: Dragon Girl is my summer and Cruella is my winter.
  9. Tweezers
    • Gotta clean up those brows on the go, girl.
  10. Brow Pencil
    • And then fill them in.

img_36251.jpgIMG_3632.jpg…look how it all fits so perfectly in this small bag!


Mascara // Eyelash Curler // Make Up Forever Foundation // Chanel Foundation // Foundation Brush // Beauty Blender // Concealer // Concealer Brush // L’Oreal Eyeshadow Palette // Urban Decay Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette // Eyeshadow Brush Lid // Eyeshadow Brush Crease // Black Eyeliner // Blush Palette // Blush Brush // Highlighter Stick // Summer Red Lipstick // Winter Red Lipstick // Red Lip Liner // Nude Lipstick // Tweezers // Brow Pencil 

xo Alaina

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