Tuesday Tip: Combat Red, Puffy Eyes

I swear the older I get, the more likely I am to wake up with red, puffy eyes. I just LOOK at a glass of wine before bed and it’s over for me. If you suffer from the same affliction, here’s how to combat this very real, very important problem. First get some Visine – a whiter eye will make you look immediately more awake. (Eliminating dark circles is pointless, if your eyes are bloodshot.) Then, tackle your undereyes with one of the following:

  • Cold teaspoon: Keep a metal teaspoon in the freezer. Get it out and hold it under each eye for 5-10 seconds. Repeat.
  • Mini- Jade Roller: Keep this roller in the freezer. I like this one because it’s small and can maneuver around your eyes. Use around each eye for 15 seconds. Run all over your entire face if you have time. Not sure if it does anything to my cheeks and forehead TBH, but it’s very soothing.
  • Hemorrhoid cream: I AM NOT CRAZY. To be reserved for the mornings you wake up with no shirt and your left hand in a bag of Ruffles. Major emerg. Rub a pea size amount of Preparation H (travel size!) between your ring fingers and apply from your under eye to the top of the orbital bone. The medicine works to constricts blood vessels safely, de-puffing you instantly. (This goes without saying: DO NOT GET THIS IN YOUR EYEBALLS). If you need to hear it from a professional: check the Today Show doctors.

xo Alaina

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