My Favorite Podcasts + $33 Striped Summer Dress

It’s almost the weekend! Two things to talk about today: First, HOW CUTE IS THIS STRIPED DRESS FROM Who What Wear?! It’s only $33, and I’m not sorry to say that I think I’m killing it with this look.img_5010.jpg

img_4990.jpgSecondly, podcasts. I’ve been on a major kick lately – one of my new “daily goals” is to listen to one a day during my commute or while walking Roxie, so I’m constantly on the hunt for new pods. Six of my current must-listens…

Forever35: Putting this first because I’m newly obsessed. A co-worker turned me on to this podcast and it’s really addicting. Two friends, Kate and Doree, talk about all the different things we do for self-care, from journaling to serums to solving bad rashes. The longer episodes have a range of guests from authors to entertainers to makeup artists, but they have mini-episodes to answer listener questions. A real ‘gal community’, easy to listen to and you might even pick up a self-care tip or two. Mindless, but a real delight. They also have a website that lists every single product they talk about and a supportive facebook community.How I Built This: This show simultaneously makes me want to reach for the stars and give up completely. Each episode is a story about an entrepreneur who built a huge business from the ground up, like Lyft and Lululemon. A great reminder that many successful companies started in a cold basement with nothing but a blender and undying commitment. It inspires me to dream big but also makes me feel like I’ve accomplished nothing in my life. SUPER INTERESTING INTERNAL DYNAMICS PLAYING OUT HERE PEOPLE. The Stitch Fix episode is a must.

IMG_5031.JPGDress: Target // Earrings: Lana // Bomber: Aritzia // Belt: W.Kleinberg  // Shoes: Old, Similar Here // Bag: Zara IMG_5043.JPG

IMG_5324.JPGTED Radio Hour (NPR): Where I always turn for inspiration! Guy Raz explores the emotions, insights and actions that make us crazy humans. Each episode is a journey through new ideas, inventions, personal challenges, on and on. It’s a great way to learn more about a variety of topics, including: how to build better leadership skills, our relationships with our pets, the effects of screen time. The episode descriptions have good details so you can cherry pick topics that interest you. My latest fave was: Trust and Consequences.

Of A Kind: Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, the co-founders of design site Of a Kind, chat about trends, beauty, home decor and other lifestyle topics. Feels like you’re eves-dropping on two best friends (you kind of are).

Planet Money: All things re: the economy. Including CEO pay, chicken tax (yes that’s a thing) and how to sell peanuts the right way at a baseball game.  Episodes are usually under 30 minutes so easy to get through the whole thing on a commute – with good descriptions to maximize your selection. Plus, it gives you some new fodder for dinner with your partner. (TBH, Tim and I constantly run out of things to talk about, but chicken taxes really spices things up.)

This American Life: An obvious choice, but the stories on this podcast are just incredible. Everything we deal with every day from the impact of too much screen time to why trust is important in work relationships. Always an episode to interest you.

Finally I’m seeking help: I’ve been on the hunt for a fashion podcast for a while, but haven’t found one I like, if you have any solid fashion pod recos, send them my way!img_5212.jpg


IMG_5256.JPG…Yes I am planning my next vacation.

xo Alaina







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