Brand I Love: COS

Looking at your played out winter clothes and realizing you are need of some new wardrobe staples? Me too. If you don’t already know, I MUST introduce you to one of my favorite European fashion imports: Cos. They do simplicity with a twist better than anyone. Think navy sweatshirts with fun pleating, skirts with tie belts and asymmetrical hems, dresses with a collar you can wear up for a square neck, or down for a v-neck. Their fabrics are thick and luxe, but you also can’t go wrong with the classic white poplin shirt. If you are into looking pulled together without a lot of effort (and who isn’t) or solid colors and classic tailoring, scroll down for my best picks from COS right now.

IMG_9385 copy.jpg




IMG_9505 copy.jpg

This dress is from my latest trip to London and is no longer available but there’s a very similar version here (I almost like it more). Shoes: Asos, old; Necklace: Nordstrom, (Similar Here); , Clutch: Claire V. (Similar Here); Lipstick: Nars

There’s so much to love at COS right now, but it won’t break the bank if you need a little retail therapy to ward off winter doldrums. Pick something below to give your closet an instant facelift.

Millennial pink dress and Belted wool wrap dress

Belted high-waist trousers and Colour-block cardigan

Shirt with bow neck tie and Jacquared sweatshirt

BRB, buying that bow neck shirt…


I Finally Tried Dirty Lemon, Here’s What I Think

I’ve been served SO many Dirty Lemon ads lately, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the hype was. I’d read some positive reviews, but didn’t get a sense of a whether people thought YES TRY THIS or a NO IT’S TERRIBLE. When I saw a promotion for $30/case, instead of the regular $45/case, I thought, “hell, let’s do this”. Plus I love the taste of lemon, so I figured worst case, I’d get a tasty lemony drink. I decided to try 3 of the 4 varieties they offer, per a brief description from the website below:

  • Collegen: Our +collagen formula features hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides, pure lemon juice and cayenne. This blend was carefully selected to improve skin elasticity and hydration, increase internal collagen production and support anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Matcha: This formula draws its function from energizing matcha green tea (each 16oz bottle has the caffeine equivalent of a cup of green tea), helping the body stay alert but calm through naturally occurring slow-release caffeine and L-Theanine. ¹
  • Charcoal: Activated charcoal supports the removal of toxins and heavy metals from your body and has been used traditionally in hospitals as a poison control remedy due to its ability to bind to toxins in your gut without being absorbed by the body.

The one I didn’t get was:

  • Gingseng: This formula draws its function from both green tea (each 16oz bottle has the caffeine equivalent of 1 cup of coffee) and adaptogenic ginseng that together contribute to a more sustained energizing effect. Expect to feel alert and focused.

Here we GO! They arrived promptly in three days in super sleek-looking black boxes and had to be put in the fridge ASAP. The expiration dates gave me 3-4 weeks to drink them all.

IMG_1235.jpgThe bottles fit easily into the fridge, and have less than 1g of sugar (score), and it’s naturally derived from the lemon, so while there’s around 15 calories (basically nothing), it’s naturally derived, not added sugar, which I’m less guilty about. IMG_9725.JPG

I drank them faithfully as directed, so I could get the best possible result. You get six bottles in a case, meant to be drunk over one week, six consecutive days, and the seventh day is your day off.  NOTE: Charcoal can affect absorption/efficacy of medication, so do not drink the charcoal within 5 hours of taking any meds (including birth control ladies…). That said, here’s my very official, very scientific opinion.


  • The taste: I LOVE the taste of lemon, (drink cold and hot water with just lemon all the time), so these are right up my alley. The collegen and the matcha had the strongest lemon taste. The charcoal was more subdued. It’s a tart, but tasty drink.
  • I felt a difference: After my sixth bottle of charcoal, I started to feel a difference. I would drink them before bed, and was certainly “lighter” in the morning. I didn’t lose any weight but felt less bloated. I only noticed a difference with the charcoal, though, Matcha and Collagen did nothing for me.
  • Pretty bottles: The bottles are a good size (16 oz) and so pretty. I felt super chic carrying them around.
  • The ordering process: I placed my original order via text in about 2 minutes. It was so easy. Dirty Lemon texted me when it shipped and when it was being delivered, so I could track it. The first order was just as expected. However, I got another case after the holidays (the again charcoal to de-bloat), to be delivered on 12/28, and it just never came. When I texted customer service about my missing order, they said they just had “so many orders to fill”, and it was very delayed. I would have appreciated an email if it was that delayed… amirite? Was looking forward to charcoaling away the holidays. Then the day it was supposed to arrive (and I worked from home to accept the order) it never came! To say I was annoyed is an understatement. It ended up arriving the following day (and a week later than I originally scheduled it for). The customer service rep was nice, but didn’t offer any solutions to my frustration. To me, “having a lot of orders” is not an excuse for just not delivering as promised. Maybe I expect too much?


  • Expensive: It’s $45 for a case of 6, making each bottle $7.50, At that price, I’d rather buy a fresh smoothie. Unless you have money to burn, it’s pricey for a drink with no nutritional value.
  • No noticeable difference with just one week of drinks for Matcha and Collagen: I bet if I had the cash to drink these regularly, I’d certainly see/feel a difference, but after I week I didn’t feel a difference.
  • The packaging: I care about the environment but I wouldn’t say I shy away from all plastic. However, there was SO MUCH PACKAGING with each case. Because the juices have to stay cold in transport, they come with in a huge plastic/fold refrigerator-like bag with two disposable ice packs. It just felt like a lot of waste for six drinks. (The trash from the three cases filled up my recycling, ugh.)


If I had to commit, I’d say I’d give the charcoal another go, but not at the $45/case price, at the $30/case. And it would probably be before a special occasion, for that extra “something” feeling (ie flatter stomach), otherwise I’d rather spend that $7.5 a bottle on a bottle of rosé. But that’s just me. 🙂


Afternoon Tea + Navy Jumpsuit

You know what’s a really fun weekend activity that I always forget about: high tea! We went to English tea when we were on a girls trip in London and again in Chicago at The Lobby with my bridal party before wedding dress shopping. But, I haven’t been in years and my husband had never gone. He couldn’t go on that way, and I was looking for an excuse to take him.

We spent the holiday season with our family in Chicago and Michigan, but wanted to do something celebratory, just the two of us, when we got back to San Francisco. Enter my afternoon tea dreams! I booked us a table for two at one of the loveliest places in the city for tea: the Fairmont Hotel They have a two story gingerbread house, and an open rooftop in December. It did not disappoint! We had a full menu of delicious scones, sandwiches, baguettes, followed by (maybe too many) desserts. Champagne is complimentary so we had a glass (or say, three). And of course, the actual tea – so many options. I got the “Jet Lag” tea, since I was convinced the three hour time change from Michigan was making me very sleepy, and it was delicious. The service was fantastic and the atmosphere was relaxed but lively – there were both just adults and families with kids… maybe a good idea for a special day with the kids? Just using the fine china can make a girl (and boy) feel fancy.




I wore this super comfy jumpsuit from Banana Republic and had a photoshoot on the rooftop, afterwards. This jumpsuit comes with it’s own navy belt but I swapped it for this gold number for a little more pizzaz.




Jumpsuit: Banana Republic, Belt: Old, Similar from Nordstrom, Shoes: Zara, Earrings: Lana, Clutch: Claire V.



Wardrobe MUST: Madewell Jeans

You guys, I’m baaaaackkkkkk… I disappeared over the holidays because I was shopping for presents and drinking punch and throwing my 10th annual holiday party, and well, time got away from me. Plus it’s not a good idea to drink and blog, things get weird. I am so sorry friends! I still love you. But in the last few weeks, I’ve changed, and I have to tell you now, I’ve fallen in love with someone else… Madewell jeans.

I already had two pairs, but over the holidays I ended up in Madewell like three times (why three times? who knows?) and just LOVED every pair I tried on, so I did a full investigation, and it turns out their jeans are BOMB. Their sizes also run slightly big (I sized down size on most pairs), which makes me feel amazing about eating friend chicken for dinner last night… I mean, kale, I had only kale for dinner.

To sweeten the denim deal, they have this program for recycling your old denim into a $20 discount for you: You bring in your old jeans to any Madewell store. Madewell gives you $20 off a new pair FOR EACH PAIR YOU BRING IN. You read that right, you bring in four pairs, you get a four IOUs for $20 off of each pair of jeans. And since it’s a little coupon card, you don’t have to use it right away. Pop in your wallet until you are ready to replace and old pair. Madewell then ships your old jeans off to Blue Jeans Go Green™ to recycle into housing insulation. Everybody wins!  You can read more about the program here: Madewell Do Well. (Let’s all just admit we have a couple pairs in the back of the closet that we’re holding on to, “just in cases”.)

Long story short, I popped into Madewell on Sunday to use my last coupon card before it expired (was good for a full year!), picked up this pair of dreamy denim 9″ high rise skinny, ($135 or $115 after trade-in). I am obsessed. Ps check out my insta for even more fun stuff: @thechampagnechic









Four other solid Madewell options (you’ll see all of these on the blog at some point):

  1. 9″ skinny in black, (on me) ($128, or $108 after trade-in)
  2. 10″ high rise with chewed hem, ($135 or $115 after trade-in)
  3. 9″ high rise dark grey ripped, ($128, or $108 after trade-in)
  4. Cali-denim with raw hem, (ON SALE $90, $70 after trade-in,), few more sizes available at Nordstrom here.

Once I tried to even pull off a pair of their overalls, but my husband laughed so hard when I did a “fashion show” I couldn’t keep them. He was probably right, I looked 12. Sigh.

Denim on!


Fashion Round-Up: Everyday Black Booties

If you’re like me, you spend your entire fall (and winter now that I live in California) in the same pair of low heeled black booties. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with slim, angelic ankles, so I need a pair with a really low shaft height. I️ appreciate this below-the-ankle cut because the height looks good on everyone, and hits right at or below the ankle bone, slimming the look of your leg. This means you show the perfect amount of skin with jeans and also hit low enough to wear with dresses and skirts. And a 1″ heel feels dressed up, but wearable for everyday, so it’s guaranteed to be the most versatile shoe in your wardrobe.Mine: Alexander Wang Kori Ankle, $575 (they have silver AND rose gold accent)

I️ rounded up some great options at all price points so you too can find your ride-or-die black booties.

Black Bootes.jpg

1. Loeffler Randall $425,  2. Kenneth Cole $139, 3. Munro $224,

4. Jack Rogers $96 (on sale!), 5. Sam Edelman $99 (on sale!) 6. Gap $80

Here’s a shot with jeans.

Show me your faves!


What To Get From The Sephora Fall Sale

Alright let’s get right down to it. The Sephora Fall Sale is here from now until November 15th. I’ve already made four online purchases and been in-store twice, and I’m ready to talk about my purchases. While beauty is fun, the Sephora Fall sale is serious.As for the discount, if you are VIBRouge or VIB you get 20% off (the first time VIBs get 20% too), Insiders (everyone else) get 15% off, which is nothing to sneeze at since Sephora rarely has ANY discount codes. Overwhelmed by where to start? Right here in this very post, I’m sharing my top products to stock up on.

If you’re looking for something I didn’t list (like a hairdryer or a new primer), but not sure what you want, Sephora staffs up like crazy during this sale, so go in store and ask an associate. They are super knowledgeable and will have the right recommendation based on your needs. The best part of it all? Sephora has a 30 day return policy EVEN IF IT’S BEEN USED. So, no risk at all to try something new.

And remember it’s also the perfect time to pick up replacements for the tools you use everyday but you haven’t thrown away in like, 10 years, like your eyelash curler,  blending sponge, or foundation brush. A good time to replace those grimy tools.


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Fall Makeup Must: Copper Eyes

I’m super obsessed with metallics for fall. Accessories, clothes, shoes, makeup, you name it, and I want it to be metallic. (I actually just tried to buy a entirely sequined metallic jumpsuit but it was veto’ed by my more rational friend. Like, where would I wear that? But it was so pretty… sigh.) Anyway back to my one true love: Copper. Not just for pennies anymore. For your FACE! I stumbled upon this amazing eyeshadow from MAC and it’s been the answer to my copper pleas. This specific hue is guaranteed to pop your eye color brilliantly (especially you blue and green eyed babes). Try these four steps to swoon-worthy beauty. (Took me 3 minutes, I swear!)

IMG_1205 copy

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