5 Fast, Healthy Recipes for a Lazy Cook

If you don’t know already, I’m far from a domestic goddess. But although I can still feel the satisfaction brought by a newly vacuumed rug, I do not get that same warm-fuzzy feeling when I cook. The people in my life who love to cook find it relaxing and fun. I find it to be tedious and oh so boring. To be specific,  I hate chopping vegetables and the clean up. Scrubbing 5 pans, 2 cutting boards, and 12 knives, spatulas, etc, for one meal hardly feels worth it. I don’t like the actual cooking part either. You see where this is going. However, this is the real world and sometimes a girl’s gotta make dinner. So, I did what any non-cook would do and built a repertoire of healthy, filling meals that fit my criteria: limited prep, limited cook time, and barely any clean-up. Oh, and each of these recipes make at least 4 servings, so you can plan on lunch for a few days afterwards. Since it’s a dreary February, I thought I’d share my go-to soup recipe to keep you warm. Whenever I take this to lunch everyone comments on how good it smells and thinks I know my way around a kitchen. I’ve also linked four other favorite recipes to keep on rotation.  Go on, fake it in the kitchen!


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