The Best Beauty Spots in Chicago

I couldn’t share my Chicago trip with you and not mention all the best beauty spots! Have you met me? Even if you’re just in town for the weekend, I recommend you find an hour and check out one of the below places. Basically I’ve made you my ride or die beauty checklist in Chicago. The Flywheel class is the best solution to the food from this post. Ps my Insta is live! Check out @thechampagnechic, and tell me what you think!

Arch Apothecary: Consider this place your own personal glam squad. They do makeup application, blowouts, eyebrows, waxing, updos (if you’re feeling fancy)… you name it. I’ve been here dozens of times since it was steps from my old apartment and the entire staff is super nice and just as important, excellent at what they do. Head in with your bff before a night out or for just a little pick-me-up mid-week.

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Quick and Lovely Hair

Need to get from bedroom to boardroom (or, let’s be honest: the bar) in 20 minutes? (Maybe because you got wrapped up in a rerun of How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days and lost track of time? Been there.) Anyway, no need to look like you rushed out the door. Get your hair right, with a side twist finished with a chic ribbon.

Do a tighter twist for a more polished look. For a more casual weekend look, I like to style this with wavy hair, and pull out some pieces in the front and loosen the twist. Once you get good it takes about 2 minutes to do!


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3-Minute “So Polished” Hair

For when you just. can’t. blowdry. it. again.

I have one lazy gal hairstyle I wear ALL THE TIME. And it is by far, my most complimented style. Why? Because it’s put-together and also looks like time was spent on it. Which it wasn’t. No one needs to know my hair was wet, and it took approximately 2 minutes to style. So try it. Get promoted. (Okay your hairstyle should never get you a promotion, but you’ll look promote-able nonetheless.) My hair was 50% wet when I took these photos, but I think the finished ‘do looks better when it’s 80% wet to start – more sleek.


Step 1:

When hair is still wet, part down the middle. I like to blow dry just the top at the part line so it lays flat, takes about 1 minute. If you aren’t a center-parter-kinda-gal, a side part will work too. (Please ignore my messy bed in the background mirror (oops!) and my weirdo faces.)

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