Host Gifts To Delight + Impress

We recently moved to San Francisco and finally opened the last box, which means we can start hosting people again – I love a party! I certainly don’t expect guests to bring anything when they come over, but once or twice I’ve gotten something unexpected and the surprise of it makes me love it more. Which got me thinking: what gifts will make any host smile?

Mini-succulents: These two darlings are from Trader Joe’s ($5 each!), and are a really modern gift idea. We actually recieved these two as a house-warming gift and it was such a nice surprise. Super versatile and you can pop them on a bathroom counter, bedroom dresser or on the mantle! Any local grocery store or Home Depot/Lowe’s would carry these, so they are also easy to find.


Candle: Always a strong option! My FAVORITE candle right now is from Nest Fragrances. Nest has a variety of sizes/fragrances in any price range and the jars themselves are so pretty – they can be repurposed after the candle burns down. The one in the picture below is the 22oz in Grapefruit (it’s such a fresh, citrus, but clean scent!).

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Inspired Gifts for Your Guy

Every year for my husband’s birthday I start thinking about the gift months in advance. Buying for a guy you’ve been with for a while (which means a lot of gifts already given) or who doesn’t necessarily have an obvious hobby (looking at you, golf and music lovers) is HARD. And while experiences are always a solid option, what to do when you want to give a tangible gift? It causes more anxiety than it should. Well fear not my friends, I’ve compiled a curated list of things he’s sure to love. I’ve personally given each of these gifts to someone in my life, each very well-received.

  • Overnight Bag: Every guy needs a great bag he can throw stuff into for 1-2 nights on the road. Now that’s he’s got a job and all that, the backpack from middle school should probably go. J. Crew has plenty of options, like this classic one in blue with brown leather. Or try this gray one from Herschel works if he’s more laid back. Herschel has sturdy duffle bags in tons of colors from funky floral to straight-up all black, so you can choose the one that bets fits his style. And some have a spot below just for shoes. Your bf more of a classic guy? This leather number from Barbour is a little pricier, but he’ll use it forever. Plus, you’ll get to admire your own great taste at every sleepover.

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